Wednesday, January 14, 2009

George Orwell and porrons

“We ate at long trestle-tables out of permanently greasy tin pannikins, and drank out of a dreadful thing called a porron. A porron is a sort of glass bottle with a pointed spout from which a thin jet of wine spurts out whenever you tip it up; you can thus drink from a distance, without touching it with your lips, and it can be passed from hand to hand. I went on strike and demanded a drinking-cup as soon as I saw a porrón in use. To my eye the things were altogether too like bed-bottles, especially when they were filled with white wine.”

-George Orwell

Oh yeah, Georgie? Well I think Animal Farm was an overly-simplistic viewpoint of communism with a severe Western theocratic slanting. I guess 1984 was alright, bastard.

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